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The moon is almost full...

...and with it comes the season's first series of extreme low tides (April 25-30th).

What can you find when you are out there? Take some pics as souvenirs and leave the wildlife for (the millions, yes millions, of other) visitors to enjoy when they are exploring. Post your favorites on the Oregon Tidepools Flickr group to share your finds!

Last time I was out (exploring for fun), I found this TINY sea star. Although the photo isn't great (I forgot my macro lens), I thought it would be neat to share (an intertidal sign of spring?). Does anyone know what it is?

A small sea star, smaller than a fingernail sits on top of some seagrass

See the tide page for more information on the hows and whys of tides and to plan a safe tidepooling trip. Knowing when the tide is predicted to go out AND come back in will help prevent you from from getting trapped by the rising tide. Check out the beach safety page for more information on keeping safe while you are out exploring on the exposed ocean bottom.

Happy Earth Day! Did you know that Earth Day actually began with a desire to protect the oceans? Check out this story at the Ocean Portal.