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Rocky Shore Plan Updates


Oreogn's tidepools are managed by multiple state and federal agencies using a coordinated framework, known as the Territorial Sea Plan. The Territorial Sea Plan (TSP) was first adopted in 1994 and has since seen little change. That plan is currently undergoing an update to assure its goals are being met. Your input is needed!

Multiple opportunities are available to submit comments and suggestions to this update. Pick the opportunity that works best for you!

1. Email a Public Comment to TSPComments@state.or.us

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Cape Perpetua Bioblitz


There's more beneath the surface of the ocean than you might think. A narrow strip of the ocean, home to a unique intertidal world is exposed at low tides. Together we'll explore the Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve, host to some of the most biologically diverse rocky intertidal habitats found anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. It's a BIOBLITZ, and we need your help.

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Sail away...


If you have been on the ocean shore this spring, you've likely seen these interesting looking jellies.

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Sea Star Wasting-Citizen Science Opportunity


With spring low tides coming up, it seemed prudent to help spread the word about a new rocky intertidal citizen science monitoring opportunity.

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The Not-So-Low Tide


I was reminded (while tidepooling with the family this past weekend) that the tide doesn't have to be very low to have fun. It wasn't one of the year's amazing minus tides. It was a humble -0.2 and an early one at that (which in my reality means we didn't arrive on scene until several hours after the "best time" to go tidepooling).

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Celebrate the Shore Photo Contest


If you happen to get out there (with your camera) during the super LOW tides next week, be sure to represent tidepools by submitting your best shots into the "Celebrate the Shore Photo Contest!" The contest is being held by Oregon Parks and Recreation Department to celebrate

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Tidal time-lapse


If you need a reminder to be aware of the tides both before and during your visit, be sure to check out this short time-lapse video. It was captured May 10-11th by placing a camera (set to take 1 photo/minute) out for almost two full days near Devil's Punchbowl State Natural Area. Yes, we kept our fingers crossed and luckily it turned out pretty well. I think it gives a good sense of how much Oregon's Ocean Shore changes over time.

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The moon is almost full...


...and with it comes the season's first series of extreme low tides (April 25-30th).

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